AGM battery charger: how to choose the right one

AGM batteries

AGM battery charger is standard in a wide range of applications. You can use them to power your car or electronic devices or as a backup power source for the UPS. However, to make your AGM batteries live longer, it is essential to charge them correctly and use the right charger. What is an AGM …

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Lithium-ion battery chargers: how do they work

lithium-ion battery pack

Whether laptops, cell phones, or electric or hybrid cars, you can use lithium-ion technology to power all these devices. The primary reasons are high energy, recharging capability and lightweight nature. If you want long life and optimal performance from your lithium-ion batteries, choose the battery charger carefully; for example, use chargers designed explicitly for lithium-ion …

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Battery Conditioners: An Useful Way to Prevent Battery Sulfation

Charging a car battery

About Battery Conditioners, Sulfation happens when lead sulfate accumulates on the plates of car batteries, hardens, and turns into crystals, which you can not easily reconvert into their original state. Resultantly, the battery will not be able to store as much charge. Over time, as sulfation worsens, it will completely block the energy transfer, and …

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Vape Pen Charger: The Ultimate Guide

Variety of Vape Pens

About Vape Pen Charger, You finally switched to sleek and cool vape pens. However, you’re not quite sure how to charge the device. Although the kit has a vape pen charger, there are several ways to charge your device. This article will discuss the various aspects of charging a vape pen. Common Types of Pen …

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What does “Sul” mean on a battery charger?

Corrosion on car battery

What does “Sul” mean on a battery charger? Batteries, be they of vehicles or other categories, are the main DC power source in most electric systems. While they can provide enough energy for components to turn on and work efficiently, they need rejuvenation occasionally to prevent sulfation.  You may have heard of sulfation affecting the …

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Lithium Battery vs. Lead-Acid Battery: Understanding The Difference

Lead Acid Battery

With the variety of available battery types, a common debate is between lead-acid and lithium batteries. When picking a battery, you want a reliable and cost-effective option. The article below will discuss the various aspects of lithium and lead-acid batteries.  Lead Acid Batteries A lead acid battery comprises a negative (porous lead) and positive (lead …

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What Is Float Charging: Differ it from Boost Charging.

Battery Charger

What Is Float Charging? Batteries used for standby emergency power supply for uninterrupted power supply, telecommunication centers, and many more instances are always charged (floated) at a constant voltage. Therefore, the question remains, ‘What is float charging?’. Hopefully, the article below will help answer the question.   What Is Float Charging (Battery Maintainer)? A battery used …

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Jump Starter vs. Battery Charger: Understanding The Difference

Car Battery

During the winter, a discharged or dead battery is among the most common problems because your battery uses extra power to keep your lights and wiper on constantly. Therefore, to overcome the problem, your car might need some extra help, hence the battery charger vs. jump starter debate. The article below will discuss the distinction …

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Lead acid battery: Everything you should know about it.

Lead-acid battery

About Lead acid battery, While picking a battery for a specific application, you want one that fulfills all conditions. Once you have your specifics, you must ensure you need a lead acid or lithium battery. If lead acid, which one to pick, sealed or wet flooded? What is a lead acid battery? The lead acid …

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