Battery charger For Dump Trailer: 5 Best Dump Trailer Battery Chargers to Pick

About Battery Charger For Dump Trailer, Trailer batteries can be regarded as hard working since they work all the time in less-than-ideal conditions.

You must keep them fully charged even if they stand idle to get the best out of them.

Still, if it becomes dead quickly, it’s either because you aren’t charging them fully or the charging method is incompatible/performing well.

In this article, you will see how you can charge your dump trailers under different conditions and some best charger suggestions. Let’s dig into the details!

What is a Dump Trailer Battery?

Tilt and dump trailer batteries are responsible for powering up the lift mechanism of the machine, which is hydraulic work.

For that, these batteries should be prone to vibrations of high and low temperatures and mechanical changes.

Also, they should be charged well to work reliably and operate even if the battery is low.

In case any village in the system or the machine needs an extra energy boost, the trailer battery has to cover these issues as well.

Most people choose Lead Acid AGM battery packs for dump trailers as they are durable, reliable and do not often have electric glitches.

Along with that, they also fulfill extra power requirements, if any.

Here you can’t choose Lithium Batteries over lead acid because they have a BMS Mechanism that protects them from extra load.

If used in a dumb trailer, it may stop working in chaos as soon as it detects any extra electrical requirements as the BMS activates.

However, suppose the lithium battery’s continuous current level and current search match the requirement.

In that case, you can buy it after connecting the battery in parallel or in series.

How to Charge A Dump Trailer Battery?

Choosing the right charging method depends on the use of the battery.

So, it would be best if you asked yourself the following questions.

  • Will my trailer work for a long day, or will I keep it idle?
  • Do I need to charge my depleted battery or maintain the charging along the way?

You should use the method according to the type of work you will take from the trailer.

Here are some top ways to charge your battery.

Dumping sand at a work location

Caption: Dumping sand at a work location

7-Way Connector

7-way connectors are best to maintain the full charging of the battery.

However, you cannot use it to charge a dead battery as these connectors along with a 12V alternator not sufficient for this work.

The battery will stop functioning after a few dumps, and the trailer will slow down.

Moreover, using a 7-way connector might make your vehicle battery drain quickly.

You must buy a separate isolator if the 7-way connector is aftermarket to stop it.

But if it uses a factory 7-way connector, it will have a built-in isolator.

Also, to check if the charger needs a separate isolator, you can use a circuit tester and see whether the 7-way 12V accessory circuit has power when the trailer is off.

If it has voltage, then you will need to buy an isolator.

Anderson Plug Connection (Winch Kit Wiring)

Anderson plug method is an advanced take on the 7-way connector method.

Here you will find Anderson plugs with thick winch wires with less voltage drop and can charge the dump trailer battery better.

Also, the kits can change the battery isolators here to prevent the vehicle from draining.

For Anderson connectors, you can use a winch wiring kit and plug the dump trailer battery directly into the pilot’s battery.

However, you have to connect them each time you want to use the dump trailer.

DC to DC Battery Charger

A battery charger is best to charge a battery from a dead state since it can provide more power than the method described above.

Also, charging with these methods is faster, putting less stress on the tow vehicle or pilot’s battery.

DC to DC charger uses the power from the tow vehicle to charge the trailer battery.

It includes a shut-down mechanism so that the trailer doesn’t overcharge.

Remember that you shouldn’t be using trickle chargers as they do not have overcharge protection, and hence they damage the trailer battery.

AC to DC Battery Charger

If you only need the dump function to work a few hours daily, you can simply use an AC to DC charger for the trailer battery.

In this method, you plug the dump trailer battery into the nearest wall socket and let it charge overnight.

However, you cannot charge the battery along the way through this method as you need to find the sockets every time the charging gets low.

So if you want to keep the charging full throughout the day, it’s better to use DC or solar battery chargers.

Solar to DC Battery Charger

Solar battery chargers are best to keep the battery’s power up throughout the day using the sun’s unlimited power source.

Using a solar battery charger is a great way to maintain the battery between the use.

However, these chargers are unable to revive dead batteries fully.

5 Best Dump Trailer Battery Chargers For You

Battery inside dump trailer

Caption: Battery inside dump trailer

The higher the quality of the charger you own, the better the health of the dump trailer battery will be.

Hence, when choosing the charger, you should look for the features like efficiency, fast charging and durability for years to come.

According to our experts, these are the top pick for dump trailer battery chargers you can purchase.

8 Amp battery Charger and Tester for Dump Trailer 090195

The 8 Amp battery chargers and testers have an auto-shut feature to stop the battery from overcharging.

Also, it has polarity protection and a LED indicator to boost the charging process.

These chargers can efficiently charge and test the 12V lead-acid batteries simultaneously.

Also, it comes with a charging rate that you can adjust between 0-8 amps.

Sunway Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger and Maintainer

Sunway solar battery chargers and maintainers are easy to set up while providing a strong and effective charging system.

These chargers do not overcharge or damage the battery when it is full.

Also, it comes with a reverse charging diode that saves the battery from draining.

You can use the Sunway solar battery charger with different vehicles like bikes, cars, RVs, Boats, Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, Farm Machines and Snow Mobiles.

Purkeys Boss Dump Trailer Chargers

Purkeys Boss chargers are designed for dump trailer charging and maintenance, featuring a self-diagnostic system.

It also has advanced microprocessors to logically control the battery charging levels.

Moreover, it comes with installation kits with wiring, clips, splices, and more to maintain the power source.

Since their configurations are designed for different trailer needs, you can use them with multiple trailer systems in the market.

POWOXI-9W Solar Battery Trickle Charger

POWOXI-9W solar charger is another reliable option for the batteries of multiple vehicles such as trucks, trailers, boats, cars, bikes and many others.

These chargers also come with intelligent charging control and a reverse protection system for ensuring steady power flow to the battery.

Installing the system is simple and requires a single connection with the battery.

Hence, its maintenance and repair work is minimal, making it ideal for naive users.

POWISER 3.3W Solar Battery Charger

POWISER 3.3W solar chargers produce up to 12V DC charging, through which you can effectively change a 12V lead-acid battery with sunlight.

Moreover, these chargers resist environmental factors like excessive dust, rain, humidity, mist and temperatures. Hence, they work perfectly in indoor and outdoor areas.

Also, these chargers come with a one-year warranty and mounting hardware to fix.


Dump trailer chargers must be strong and sturdy as they must endure harsh conditions.

Hence, you need to note down the conditions of your trailer work and see which charging method works perfectly for you!

Also, you can choose a charger from the list we have discussed above.