Best Portable Chargers: 10 Things To Consider Before Buying One For Your Phone.

About Best Portable Chargers: As everything turns into portable objects, charging them has become essential. 

Now, you can only charge a device with a good-quality charger, which will also be very helpful whenever you are on the go, for work, or on vacation. 

The market is concentrated nowadays with so many charging options. So how will you get to choose the best one for your needs? 

Follow along to see the factors you should consider and why, and then your ultimate quest of finding a good portable charger will be fulfilled. Let’s hop into it. 

Capacity of Best Portable Chargers

Capacity has to be the number one factor you should consider when buying a portable charger or power bank.

The term capacity means how much charge a device can hold into it while delivering it to other devices as well.

You will see the mAh (milliampere-hour) written with it, which is that device’s capacity. 

If you have a high-capacity charger, it will charge your device multiple times before running out of energy.

Conversely, if the capacity is lower, it may only charge your phone once or twice.

Hence, it is necessary to see how frequently you must charge your phone and then choose accordingly. 

Moreover, if you have chargeable devices other than phones, you may want to go for high capacity since it can cater to the needs of all your devices. 

However, the higher the capacity, the heavier it will be. Thus, it would be best if you looked into that as well. 

Charging Speed of Best Portable Chargers

Charging speed measures how quickly the charger can charge a drained phone, basically, the amount of power per second, whose unit is Amps(A). 

The higher the charging speed, the greater the amount of energy transferred per second. But it will also determine how quickly the power bank will drain itself. As a result, the charger’s health deteriorates. 

Hence, choose the charger with the appropriate speed that can properly charge your phone without harming itself. 

Size of Best Portable Chargers

Slim Power Bank on the go

Caption: Slim Power Bank on the go

Size is one of the greatest factors of why you should buy a certain portable charger or not. Certainly, there is no point in a portable charger if you cannot carry it around due to its larger size. 

Thus, choose the small one if you plan to keep it in your bag or pocket most of the time.

It may not deliver you a larger power capacity, but it’s enough to make you go through the day without complete drainage of your phone battery. 

Similarly, if you don’t have to carry it around, and it will remain in your car or office, then the size will not be an issue, and you can go for bulky ones with large capacity. 

As a rule of thumb, a smaller charger will have up to two USB ports and smaller mAh numbers, while above two USB ports will be considered a larger power bank. 

Weight of Best Portable Chargers

With size comes the weight factor. The smaller the size, the lesser the charger’s weight.

But, you have to compromise the battery capacity of the charger if you want a lightweight, portable charger that you can carry around. 

Hence,  if you are a student who walks to school or a frequent traveler, it’s best to go for small-size chargers. 

Compatibility of Best Portable Chargers

Compatibility is also crucial because the ports and mechanism of charging follow certain rules for each device.

If the device and the charger’s charging mechanism differ, they will not get along. 

So, look at charging standards and see what they are demanding. Then, buy a compatible power bank. 

USB port of Best Portable Chargers

Your number of devices will determine how many USB ports you need. For instance, if you have ear pods with your phone, you will need two USB ports to charge them simultaneously. 

Also, chargers with USB C-type ports charge the latest devices quickly. You can buy that as well if your phone can support it.

Built-in cables of Best Portable Chargers

Many chargers already have cables, so you don’t need to buy extra ones. You can connect these cables to most phones or devices.

But if your phone has another port type, you can always buy another cable and connect it to the charger. 

Also, if the built-in cable is defective, you may need to buy a new portable charger instead of replacing the cable only. 

Safety features of Best Portable Chargers

Safety features include overcharging protection, temperature control, and short circuit prevention. These features are valuable since they protect your portable charger and the connected device. 

Hence, look into whether your charger is offering these features or not. 

Extra Features of Best Portable Chargers

Power bank with cable of multiple connectors

Caption: Power bank with cable of multiple connectors

Extra Features may not be necessary, but still having them is a good idea. This can be as little as having two or more ports, to which you can plug multiple devices simultaneously, or safety alarms.

Some chargers also have lights on them, which can indicate when they are fully charged.

Moreover, some heavy-duty chargers can also jumpstart your vehicle as well. So it is always nice to have something extra than your expected features.

Brand and Quality of Best Portable Chargers

Brand names do matter as they have reputed themselves by selling quality products. The better your brand is, the higher the chance of buying a good-quality portable charger. 

You may also find a good power bank from local brands, but it is pure luck, and not everyone has it. Also, it may lack safety features, or the charging capacity may be lower than others. 

Thus, it’s a good practice to first look into the product details and its different reviews and then decide to buy it if you are considering any local brand. 


Buying a power bank is not complex if you know your needs. You can always choose the best portable charger, minding the important features mentioned above.

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