Can I leave my EGO Battery on the Charger?

Can I leave my EGO Battery on the Charger? EGO batteries are widely used in different kinds of vehicles, whether it is your lawnmower, chainsaw, car, or mini truck. 

With such use, it is important to know how you should charge these batteries. Also, you may think that “Can I leave my EGO battery on the charger?”

The answer lies in all the components of our below article. So, dig in and read more about it.

Is it ok to leave your EGO battery on a charger?

As you look into the design of an ego battery, you will see that it has a built-in mechanism to protect the system against overcharging, extreme heat, and over-discharge. 

Hence, leaving the battery with the charger is okay as it won’t permit extra charging to damage the circuitry. 

Protecting against heat and other problems extends the life of these battery packs as it turns off the charging. 

Moreover, the packs discharge themselves to 30% upon overcharging. 

Even though it features all these features, the manufacturers do not advise leaving the batteries on charging for a longer time.

Why do manufacturers not advise leaving your EGO Battery on a charger?

Ego batteries do not overcharge as soon as you use the right type of charger with it. 

In case of using the wrong and cheap charger with these batteries, they might overcharge, causing damage to the pack.

 How does this happen?  Trickle chargers have regulators that are responsible for the regular charging rate and prevent battery overcharging.

 However, if the battery is being charged with the wrong charger too fast, the circuitry is damaged along the way, resulting in many negative things.

Damages of Overcharging

First, the battery can catch fire as it is overcharged or charged using the wrong type of battery charger. 

As these chargers can send unregulated current signals to the battery, the batteries start getting hot and eventually explode if not turned off on time.

 Although exploding doesn’t always occur, it is a possibility that can make you lose your valuables like your car, parking garage, or even the life of any nearby living thing.

Moreover, if you overcharge your battery repeatedly all the time, the battery’s ability to hold the charges will weaken. 

This makes the battery dependent on the charger and will discharge faster than it used to. 

Eventually, you have to replace it even before it completes its lifespan.

In the end, the battery may not catch fire, but it can still bust or crack and leak all the chemicals inside, damaging the surrounding components.

 These chemicals are dangerous and can seriously damage anything that touches them. 

Also, it would be best if you replaced such a battery as it will no longer be used.

Trickle Charger VS Float Charger: How do they protect my EGO battery? 

Maintenance of a vehicle battery

Maintenance of a vehicle battery

Therefore, the manufacturers do not recommend connecting the battery to the charger after it is fully charged. 

Moreover, it is important to check whether the battery charger is designed to be linked to the battery for longer.

Trickle Charger Float Charger (Maintainer)
Trickle chargers fully charge the battery (100% charge).Maintainers fully charge the battery (100% charge).
Normal chargers may not stop charging even if the battery is fully charged. This can be false for the modern battery chargers as they come with smart modes as well.Float chargers or maintainers shut down as they hit the full charging of the battery. As the battery drains, they get active and start charging again hence the name maintainer. 
Trickle chargers cannot charge the battery when it’s dead.Maintainers cannot charge the battery when it’s dead, and rather their work is to maintain the level to 100% after some time of discharge.
Trickle chargers are important since they will charge the battery anyway and they are cheap.Maintainers might not be important if you only drive your vehicle occasionally in a month. Hence it’s better to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Before using the charger, make sure that the car battery has discharged to a certain level to avoid overcharging.Before using the maintainer, make sure that no extra load is on the vehicle for smooth maintenance. For that, ensure that all headlights, taillights, speakers, and other current taking components are off so that the maintainer can do their job.

Things to Consider for Increasing the Life of an EGO Battery

Car Battery

Caption: Car Battery

Here are some tips to help you keep your EGO battery working for years without major issues. 

  • Ensure that the battery is always full. Some people might think that the batteries are damaged when you frequently recharge them. However, that is not true since charging the batteries after 50% discharge adds to their life significantly.
  • Use the EGO battery regularly, and don’t store them unused for long periods of time, as storing them away for months can discharge them completely, making them dead and useless with time.
  • Keep your batteries in dry and cool places in their original cover since these covers are designed to endure most environmental hazards.
  • Whenever possible, plug the charger into your battery to fully charge it so that it is always full for your use. Even though removing the charger from the battery before it’s full will not harm it, it’s not a common practice; thus, it’s better to charge it to 100% before use. Also, keep an extra battery with you so you can use it while the first one is on charge.


Ego batteries can use chargers and maintainers to work for multiple electric systems and vehicles. Just use quality components and you are good to go. 

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