Battery Charger vs. Maintainer: Understanding The Difference

Rechargeable Battery

When considering buying a battery charger, you’ve probably heard the terms battery maintainer and battery charger and aren’t quite sure of the difference. The article below will discuss the difference between the battery charger vs. maintainer to help you make a more informed decision. Trickle Charger Basics Below is the general knowledge you should know …

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Lithium Battery vs. Lead-Acid Battery: Understanding The Difference

Lead Acid Battery

With the variety of available battery types, a common debate is between lead-acid and lithium batteries. When picking a battery, you want a reliable and cost-effective option. The article below will discuss the various aspects of lithium and lead-acid batteries.  Lead Acid Batteries A lead acid battery comprises a negative (porous lead) and positive (lead …

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Jump Starter vs. Battery Charger: Understanding The Difference

Car Battery

During the winter, a discharged or dead battery is among the most common problems because your battery uses extra power to keep your lights and wiper on constantly. Therefore, to overcome the problem, your car might need some extra help, hence the battery charger vs. jump starter debate. The article below will discuss the distinction …

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