Cordless chain saws: Are they the best choice?

Most homeowners use cordless chain saws as an essential tool for tree felling.

Further, as chainsaws are now available in different mechanics and sizes, many other people apart from fellers are using them.

Now, when you have so many options, the real problem is choosing one. The article describes the different types of chainsaws and the differences between them, which will help you select the best chainsaws for your work.

Types of chainsaws:

 The earliest model of chainsaws worked on petrol. Since then, there have been a lot of developments in these machines. And now you can get electric and cordless ones, too.

Petrol-powered chainsaws:

As the name clears, these chainsaws require fuel to run. It is either petrol or gasoline that you can store in its tank. 

The runtime of the chainsaw directly depends on the tank capacity, which is mostly around 500ml. 

Other factors affecting the run time are engine efficiency, power output, and workload.

There are two types of engines in petrol-powered chainsaws.

2-stroke engine: This engine is light in weight and compact in size as it has fewer parts than the other. However, this engine is more powerful than a 4-stroke engine.

4-stroke engine: These engines are much quieter than 2-stroke engines. As they use fuel efficiently, they run longer and need less maintenance.

Electric corded chainsaws:

These chainsaws run on electricity. Plug the power cable into a power outlet, and you are ready to use this chainsaw. 

These are the most common machines for tree cutting in households as they can efficiently handle small and medium tasks. 

The best part is you need not spend money on buying fuel or batteries.

Most electric corded chainsaws have 12-14 inch guide bars but can also support 16 inches.

Electric cordless chainsaws:

Working on the same principle as that of electric corded chainsaws, the power source in these chainsaws is a battery.

 Earlier, people doubted the efficiency of cordless machines, but now, these machines are performing much better than their corded equals.

Further, these machines now have an improved motor mechanism that works efficiently to save battery power and make them run as long as petrol and corded chainsaws. 

And if discharged, you can recharge them within an hour.

Pouring technical oil into the compartment 

Pouring technical oil into the compartment 

Is a cordless electric chainsaw the best choice?

Whether you use a petrol, electric, or battery-powered chainsaw, you will get the same functionality in all of them. 

However, these chainsaws come in different models, making individual chainsaws perfect for a particular job. 

So, before buying any chainsaw, here are some factors you must consider.


There are two types of electric chainsaws: corded (main power supply) and cordless (battery power). 

Both are good for home usage, such as cutting firewood and felling trees.

On the other hand, the power of the petrol chainsaw depends on the engine size. Its larger engine (higher cc) can provide more power than electric ones. 

However, you may need to consider several other things to determine the real power of a petrol chainsaw.

Here is a list of different petrol engines that you can use in chainsaws:

  • Light duty engine: This engine is up to 40 cc and perfect for light pruning, trimming, and small and medium tree felling.
  • Medium duty engine: This engine’s capacity ranges between 41cc and 50cc. You can use these engine chain saws in medium-sized tree felling and cutting firewood.
  • Heavy duty engine: With an engine capacity ranging from 51cc-62cc, these chainsaws are suitable for large gardens and landscaping businesses. You can regularly use them for felling large trees and cutting dense wood trees.

Bar length: 

The length of the cutting blade is mainly the bar length, which varies in size depending on the wood type to cut.

If you cut smaller trees, a smaller bar length will do. On the other hand, you will need a bigger bar length for larger trees.

Ease of use:

If you consider portability, petrol and battery-powered chain saws are the best, as you can take them anywhere. 

However, corded electric chain saws are a bit difficult as you need to carry the cord with the machine.

Corded electric chain saws with around 10 meters of cable are suitable for small gardens. For larger gardens, cable-free chainsaws are the best.

Now, if we compare cordless and petrol chain saws, electric ones start with the push of a button, while you need to top up the petrol saws with fuel before starting. 

However, at the same time, refueling is faster than waiting for the battery to get charged.

Regarding weight, corded ones are lighter, and cordless ones are the lightest. Both electric varieties are less bulky than their petrol counterparts. 

However, for large and heavy jobs, you only need to pick the petrol chainsaws.


Pick an electric chainsaw if you want minimal maintenance. You only need to ensure that the chain maintains its sharpness and lubrication

Some electric chain saws even come with tool-free chain adjustment, making adjustment easy and quick. 

Also, these chains have automatic chain lubrication, so you need not take care of lubrication now and then.

As an engine powers a petrol chainsaw, it needs maximum maintenance. You may need to change the filters regularly or when they are dirty.


Whether it is an electric or petrol one, the safety features in chainsaws ensure that the chain stops immediately in case of any kickback. 

Also, there is a lockout button to avoid the accidental start of the saw. 

If you use chainsaws indoors or under the shed, petrol saws are not recommended due to the fumes they emit.

Corded chainsaws

Corded chainsaws


Since the introduction of cordless chainsaws, the work of the homeowners and woodworking industries has become very easy. 

These chainsaws are safe, efficient, portable, and maintenance-free. However, if you want to get the best from your chainsaw, pick one that suits your task. 

For larger trees and bigger projects, go for a petrol chainsaw. On the other hand, for small gardens, a corded or cordless electric chainsaw is good to go.

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