Cordless leaf blowers: 8 pros and cons of cordless leaf blowers

About Cordless leaf blowers, Autumn, or the fall season, is the time to appreciate the beauty of nature. You can feel the cold on your face and watch the beautiful streets covered by yellow-brown leaves. But one thing that irks people is the blocked roads and driveways due to volumes of dried leaves.

Buying a quality leaf owner is the best solution, especially for homeowners. However, before buying one, you must decide whether you need a corded or cordless leaf blower.

Are cordless leaf blowers equally effective?

Let’s get answers to all these in the following blog post.

Types of cordless leaf blowers

In this gardening tool, the nozzle propels air to remove leaves and other debris without being plugged into a power source.

keysElectric leaf blowerGas leaf blower
How it worksIt requires electricity from a battery.It requires fuel (gasoline) to work.
StyleHand-heldBoth backpack and hand-held
CostPrice ranges from 35-150 US dollarsPrice ranges from 60-500 US dollars
Wind speed50-100 miles/hour150+ miles/hour
ProsLess noise No pollutionLightweightCheap optionWorks effectivelyGood for large areas, including patios, garages, yards, or driveways.
ConsSometimes, they stop while working due to overheating.More noise Too much air pollutionHeavyExpensiveMessy

A backpack cordless leaf blower

A backpack cordless leaf blower

Benefits of a cordless leaf blower over corded varieties:

Most homeowners prefer cordless leaf blowers over corded ones for the following reasons. 

Higher mobility:

Cordless leaf blowers come with cords. So, you can take them to any lawn area without worrying about the cable length. In short, you can move very easily with cordless leaf blowers.

Easier to use:

A corded leaf blower keeps you tied due to its cables. The same problem exists in landscaping equipment, but extension cords have overcome that problem. 

However, a power cord is a big issue if you use a corded hand-held blower. 

Further, as you move around with the cord, there are chances of getting entangled or pulling the cable out, which is not only irritating but dangerous, too.

On the contrary, there are no such issues with cordless blowers. You can move around easily and turn at any angle, and there is no limiting range.

Multiple power options:

Corded leaf blowers have only one power source, and that is electricity. However, you can get a cordless leaf blower with multiple power options, which you can choose depending on your cleaning options. 

For instance, cordless gas blowers work on gas, being powerful, but they emit harmful gasses and are noisy. 

Another cordless blower comes with a battery as a power source. They are lightweight, do not emit gas, and make less noise.

Raw power:

In the cordless options, gas-powered blowers are more powerful than corded ones. However, they make a lot of noise. 

On the contrary, there are lithium battery-powered blowers, which are quieter and as powerful as corded options.

The working time of the cordless blowers depends on the model but most easily last 30 minutes. 

However, the battery life may decrease slightly using “Turbo” or “boost” mode. If you want to run the cordless blower for a longer time, you can buy more than one battery. 

You can keep these extra batteries charged and replace them whenever required.

A cored leaf blower

A cored leaf blower

Disadvantages of a cordless leaf blower over a corded one:

Of course, there are problems that occur in cordless leaf blowers.

Short run time: 

In corded leaf blowers, you can run them as long as it is plugged into a power source. However, in cordless leaf blowers, you have a restricted run time. 

In the case of fuel-powered blowers, the maximum run time depends on the volume of gas in the tank. 

Similarly, in battery-powered cordless blowers, the runtime equals the battery life after being charged. 

You can extend their run time by keeping another set of charged batteries ready. When the battery dies off, change the dead battery to the charged one. 

However, stopping your leaf blower in between and charging the batteries is another cumbersome task. 


As cordless blowers do not need electricity, they need another power source. And that power source comes integrated with the device. As a result, the cost of the cordless blowers increases.

Physical problems:

Sweeping off your garden, garage, or lawn takes considerable effort. Cordless leaf blowers seem to be a safe and desirable option. 

However, they are heavy and can weigh over 25 pounds. Holding such a heavy machine in your arms for a long time can be tough.

No environment-friendliness:

Regarding the safety of humans and the environment, cordless leaf blowers fail to impress. In gas-powered cordless blowers, there are chances of fire accidents due to fuel leakage. 

Also, the harmful gas emission leads to pollution issues. You need to be very careful while using and storing these blowers.

Though battery-powered cordless leaf blowers do not emit any gas, the disposal of toxic batteries is another major problem. Improper disposal can lead to significant environmental pollution.

Which type of leaf blower should you choose?

You already know the pros and cons of both types of blowers. So, take a decision based on the answers to the following questions.

Is there a ban on gas blowers in your city or community?

What is the maximum allowed decibel level in your area?

What is the size of your yard?

Is the power outlet accessible?

Can you carry a 25-pound machine in your arms or on your back for 20-30 minutes?

If you have a small yard, you must consider noise issues as otherwise; the blower will disturb your neighbors. Mobility is also relevant in this case. So, get a battery-powered cordless leaf blower.

If you own a large yard, you can buy a noisy machine as neighbors must be far from your house. A gas-powered cordless blower will also do.

Lastly, if you have a medium-sized yard or live in a wet environment, do not worry about winding and unwinding cords. Get a corded electric leaf blower for your garden.


Both corded and cordless leaf blowers have limiting factors in weight, power output, cost, and anatomy. Manufacturers cannot make a machine considering all the factors at a time.

 Whatever variety you pick, you will feel unsatisfied with one or the other criteria. Thus, the best is to pick one that suits your needs. 

Hope this guide helps you find the best leaf blower for your lawn.

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