Flashlight chargers: how to charge your flashlight with one

About Flashlight chargers, Flashlights work as a savior in several situations where running out of batteries can be very disappointing.

 Luckily, today flashlights have rechargeable batteries, which can be replenished with the chargers that come with the flashlights.

 However, sometimes there comes a situation when you don’t have chargers. How can you charge a flashlight in such a situation?

Thankfully, charging a flashlight is a very easy and quick process with different ways in our blog post.

What are USB rechargeable flashlights and batteries?

Flashlights, especially rechargeable ones, are essential for some workplaces where you need to light the job site. 

Whether a handled light, work light, or headlamp, the rechargeable hands-free lights will never run out of power as they can be charged repetitively. 

Another advantage is that these flashlights will not dig a hole in your pocket as you need not invest in batteries every time the battery is drained. 

A new trend has emerged in flashlight technology, i.e., USB rechargeable flashlights.

 They can be quickly and conveniently charged through any USB power source, such as a USB port, an AC wall adaptor, and a vehicle’s USB port.

micro-USB cable

micro-USB cable

How to charge flashlights with a charger?

Different types of flashlight chargers may work with specific brands and flashlight models.

The following are three types of them, and you can replenish the depleted flashlights with flashlight chargers for reuse. 

Charger bases: 

Charger bases have a dedicated cradle that can hold compatible and rechargeable flashlights.

After inserting the flashlights in the cradle, connect the charger base to a power source to initiate charging.

Vehicle charging cords: 

Do you know what’s the best part of some rechargeable flashlights?

They have a vehicle’s onboard USB port that allows you to charge the flashlights even when traveling inside the vehicle.

In your vehicles, there are charger cords that you can insert into the 12 Volts vehicle’s power outlet or cigarette lighter socket.

Connect the other end of the charger cords to the compatible rechargeable flashlights to refill the battery.

AC charger cords: 

You can plug one end of these charger cords into an electrical power outlet and the other into the compatible rechargeable flashlights to initiate battery recharging.

Different types of AC charger cords

Different types of AC charger cords

Precautions when using the flashlight charger:

  • You are supposed to use the original charger that comes with the flashlight for optimal charging.
  • You had better not leave the flashlight connected to the wall adapter for long, as it may lead to battery overheating. 
  • Take the flashlight with a Micro-USB charging port, for example; if you fail to reach your original charger, charge your flashlight with the standard USB cable only and connect it to any USB power source such as a computer/laptop USB port, an AC wall adaptor, a power bank, a car’s adaptor and a vehicle’s USB port. Never use a faulty or damaged charging cable.
  • It is important to remember that don’t disassemble the flashlight.
  • When traveling and if it is hot outside, you shouldn’t leave the flashlight inside the car. It would be best to store it in a cool and dry place when you don’t use it.
  • Using the flashlight when charging and charging the flashlight in sunlight may lead to overheating, which you should avoid, as heat can damage the flashlight and lead to a fire.
  • If there is no flashlight use for a long time, you should remove the battery from the flashlight and store it separately, which is better for extending the battery’s life.
  • You are supposed to charge your flashlight batteries at room temperature as it will provide optimal charging.
  • Before charging with a power bank, it is better to ensure that it is fully charged; otherwise, it will not be able to charge the flashlight fully.
Charging with a power bank

Charging with a power bank

How long does it take to charge the flashlight in general?

Most rechargeable batteries are lead batteries that take around 12 hours in initial charging, which will be enough for the first three uses. 

After the initial recharge, you will spend around 4-5 hours charging them fully when the battery is in good condition. 

 However, the real charging time depends on the capacity remaining in the battery. 

You can check whether the battery needs recharging by the flashlight’s LED indicator. 

If it needs charging, the light will turn red; once fully charged; it will turn blue. 

Usually, the flashlight circuit will automatically cut off charging when the battery is fully charged.

Flashlight charger

Flashlight charger


So now you have learned how to recharge your flashlights with different methods besides the charger.

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