How to Charge a Power Bank: Everything You Should Know

How to Charge a Power Bank, Sometimes you need your electronic device fully charged, only to learn that the battery is low. 

Yet, you don’t have your charger and are nowhere near a charging outlet. During such times, a power bank comes in handy. 

But can you charge a power bank all the time? Or how often should you charge it and how? 

Also, how long should you charge a power bank, and why do some power banks take longer to charge? This article on how to charge a power bank explains all this and more.  

How Often Should You Charge Your Power Bank?

Limit the number of times you charge a power bank. Because charging it frequently significantly reduces its lifespan. 

To be able to do that, you must also be careful about how frequently you use the power bank. 

Because using your powers bank sparingly decreases the intervals between which you’ll need to charge it. 

That way, you can charge it after three months, which is ideally how often you should charge it. 

And as a result, the battery stays active, and the power bank lasts longer. 

How to Charge a Power Bank

Generally, it’s best to charge these lithium-ion battery chargers using a laptop or wall socket. 

When it’s fully charged, you can remove it and use it up until it needs charging again.   

Power bank plugged into a wall outlet

Caption: Power bank plugged into a wall outlet

Plugging In Your Power Bank

Many power banks have four LED lights on the side. The lights fade as the amount of power stored diminishes. 

Therefore, before you plug your power bank into the socket or port, ensure that only one or two lights are on. 

Power banks come with USB cords to plug into the wall adapter. 

Plug the larger USB end into the adapter, which is then connected to a socket, and the smaller end into the power bank.

 Alternatively, you can plug the USB end into your laptop. Plug the larger USB end into the laptop and the smaller end into the power bank. 

But remember that this type of charging takes longer than a socket adapter. 

Allowing the Power Bank to Charge Fully

Allow the power bank to charge long enough until it’s complete. Many manufacturers recommend one to two hours.

 Therefore, consult your manufacturer’s instructions to determine the time recommended for charging. 

Check the LEDs on your power bank to ascertain it’s fully charged. 

The LEDs will likely be blinking all through until it’s fully charged. Unplug the charger after the recommended time has elapsed if the LEDs don’t work. 

Ensuring Maximum Efficiency

Interestingly, the charging efficiency here depends on the charging method you choose. 

Usually, a wall socket is the most efficient charging method. 

Therefore, only charge through the wall socket unless all you have access to is a laptop or computer.

Another factor you should consider is the type of charging cable you use. Ensure that the cable will work with your power bank. Otherwise, the wrong cable can compromise the efficiency of your power bank. 

 Power bank cable

Caption: Power bank cable

It’s also important to avoid overcharging your power bank. Do not let it stay plugged in for too long, as that can reduce your power bank’s lifespan or cause it to die altogether. 

Charging your electronic devices simultaneously through your power bank would be best. 

Doing so is essential because you use it less often and, by extension, reduce the number of times you need to charge it.    

Why Do Some Power Banks Take Longer to Charge?

It’s okay if your power bank takes longer than it should to charge. 

It takes longer because energy storage capacity differs from power bank to power bank. 

For instance, yours may have a capacity of 20,000 mAh

Such a power bank will take much longer than one with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. 

Therefore, give it enough time to charge if your power is charging fully. 

How Long Should You Charge a Power Bank?

When charging a power bank, allow it enough time to charge fully.

 Once it’s fully charged, unplug it. 

The LEDs on your power bank will help you notice when it’s fully charged. In other cases, you may need to consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine the recommended time. 

Remember, though, that the amount of time power banks take to charge entirely depends on their capacity. Smaller capacities take less time than those with a large storage capacity. 

Can I Charge My Power Bank Overnight? 

Avoid charging your power bank overnight. 

A power bank should not spend more time than the recommended time on a power source. 

It could cause significant damage and reduce its lifespan. 

In many cases, leaving a power bank plugged in after it’s fully charged increases overheating. 

Therefore, unplug your power bank as soon as they reach its capacity. 

6 Helpful Tips On How to Charge a Power Bank

The following are some tips on charging your power bank effectively:

Use a Wall Outlet Whenever You Can

Your power bank needs optimal energy output for it to charge efficiently. To get the required voltage, you can use a wall outlet as your power source. 

A wall outlet works better than charging the power bank using a game console or laptop. It’s also the fastest way to charge your power bank fully.

Your Laptop or Gaming Console Will Help

Your laptop can be handy when traveling, and you cannot access a wall outlet. Therefore, use it to charge your power bank using the USB port. 

The method, however, takes longer to charge a power ban than a wall outlet. However, it’s better than nothing. 

The same port you use to charge your electronic devices on the laptop is adequate for charging your power bank. 

Charge It First If It’s Been Inactive

You must fully charge your power bank before you leave home with it. If a power bank remains unused for weeks, its power dissipates gradually. 

Therefore, ensure that you countercheck and, if necessary, charge it before leaving. 

Charge It Before Giving It Back

Charge your power bank before giving it to someone else. Doing so ensures it lasts longer. Also, it’s a sign of courtesy. 

The same applies if you have to borrow a power bank from a friend or family member. It’s an excellent way to ensure it has power for future use. 

Go Through the Owner’s Manual

The instructions in the manual are vital in helping you determine how long you should let the power bank charge. 

Additionally, the information will help you be aware of how long it should last and, thus, how to use it. 

The manual also helps you know what each of the LED colors means. Thus, you can rationalize how to charge it and when to unplug it from the wall socket or charging port.

Unplug the Power Bank Once It’s Fully Charged

Avoid letting your power bank stay plugged in longer than it should. Instead, unplug it as soon as it reaches the recommended threshold time for charging. 

You can set an alarm on your timer or phone to help you remember. That way, you help prevent wear and tear, which reduces the power bank’s lifespan. 


That’s it on how to charge a power bank. A power bank saves you the hustle of dealing with low-battery notifications on your phone. 

But knowing how best to charge it is essential to increase its longevity. 

Thankfully, you know how to charge it, when, and how often, plus some helpful tips. 

Simply put these into use, and your power bank will provide you with the best and longest service.