MacBook Charger: Which one do you need?

About MacBook Charger, Are you looking for chargers for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or any other Apple laptop?

If YES, you will have to buy a charger specific to your MacBook machine. MacBook chargers are unlike iPhone chargers, where one lightning cable fits any iPhone.

In this article, we will discuss different MacBook chargers and how to pick the right charger for your laptop. 

One important thing worth noticing is that Apple has withdrawn a few of its wall plugs due to safety issues. 

And you must know if your charger falls in that category.

Why is it essential to choose the right MacBook charger?

Apple introduced different chargers for MacBook, and their capacity varies from 30W to 140W. 

If you are buying an official charger from the Apple MacBook store, it won’t affect your device in any negative manner.

If you choose a powerful charger for a laptop with less wattage, its extra power will not harm your laptop’s battery. 

On the contrary, some MacBooks have a specific power rating for fast charging. 

However, nothing changes if you charge such laptops with a slower charger; only the charging time increases.

but it is always advisable to pick the correct charger among different types. 

It will ensure that your device remains in optimal condition and manages power consumption efficiently.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

Different types of MacBook chargers:

Here are different chargers for your Apple laptops to ensure optimal performance


Some MacBook devices don’t have a MagSafe connector. In such cases, you can charge your laptop with a USB-C charger.

 However, it is advisable to use a high-power adapter, especially when charging new and larger MacBook models, to accelerate charging.

 Also, the charger must comply with the power delivery standards of USB-C.

You can also use USB-C in some new MacBooks with MagSafe 3.

USB-C cables

USB-C cables


MagSafe chargers, safe and easy to use,  form a magnetic connection with the laptop, reducing the chances of accidental damages when tripped over a wire.

You can find two versions of these chargers: MagSafe and MagSafe 2. The difference lies in their connection points.

 In MagSafe, the connector is T-shaped, while it is L-shaped in MagSafe 2.

MagSafe has a wider and thinner connector so that it easily fits with the new sleek MacBooks. 

The MagSafe 2, an updated version of the original MagSafe, came in the market with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

MagSafe 3

Introduced in October 2021, MagSafe 3 has a better design and more benefits than original MagSafe chargers. 

The new charger has USB-C power capability and a magnetic charging solution.

You can also connect the MagSafe 3 cable to USB-C port chargers to charge your MacBook. 

MagSafe 3 chargers work efficiently with most MacBook models, but you may experience slow charging with the 16-inch MacBook Pro model.

Can I use any USB-C power adapter with a Mac?

There are different types of MagSafe chargers, each one only compatible with a specific MacBook model. 

For example, Apple introduced new Magsafe chargers in 2021. Thus, they are compatible with Macbook Pro laptops (with MagSafe connectors) released in that year or later. 

Older models have either original MagSafe or MagSafe 2 connectors incompatible with new Magsafe chargers. 

For a 14-inch Macbook Pro (2021 model), you need to get a 96-watt USB-C adapter. In this case, you can use either a USB-C charging cable or a MagSafe-3 cable. 

As long as the adapter provides sufficient power, you can use any USB-C adapter. 

However, it is essential that you check the compatibility of the MagSafe charger with your MacBook. 

In addition, using Apple’s or any other certified USB-C charger ensures optimal performance and long life for your MacBooks.

MacBook Air or M130-watt USB-C adapter
MacBook Air or M230-watt USB-C adapter/35-watt Dual USB-C port adapter
MacBook Pro (13-inch) M267-watt USB-C power adapter
MacBook Pro (14-inch) M1 Pro and M1 MaxUSB-C power adapter (67-watt or 96-watt)
MacBook Pro (16-inch) M1 Pro and M1 Max140-watt USB-C adapter
Charging laptop with a power adapter

Charging laptop with a power adapter

How can you pick the correct MacBook charger for your laptop?

Whether you lost your existing charger or want to replace it, go through the points mentioned below before buying a new one.

Check your charger cable:

Since the USB chargers come in the market, cables and the main adapter are separate components. Thus, there is a high probability of mixing the different charger cables.

Identifying an Apple cable is, however, an easy task as it has printed text and an alpha-numeric number printed on it. 

These details help you determine its corresponding adapter. However, the newly introduced braided MagSafe-3 cables have no such information printed.

If the cable has a serial number beginning from C4M/FL4, it is compatible with a 29W/30W USB-C adapter. 

You can use this charger and cable with MacBook Air (2018 and later models) and MacBook (2015 and upper models).

On the other hand, cables with DLC/CTC printed on them are compatible with 61-watt or 87-watt USB-C chargers. 

MacBook Pro models introduced in 2018 and later use this charger cable combination.

Apple claims that if your cable has nothing printed on it, you are entitled to a replacement. Contact the Apple Support Center in such a case.

Check the model of your MacBook.

If you know the correct model specs of your laptop, you can get the right charger for it.

 If you don’t know this information, click on the Apple icon on the top left corner of the screen and choose the option “About this Mac.” 

A drop-down menu will appear, showing you details of your MacBook model.

Identify the charger connector:

Over the years, Macbooks have come with different charging points. So, your device can have any USB-C, MagSafe, MagSafe 2 or MagSafe 3 charging points. 

Identify your charging point, match it with different cable connectors online, and get the right charger cable.

Check the power requirements:

MacBooks have different power requirements; the standard wattages available are 45W, 60W and 85W. 

You can find the wattage of your device on its bottom surface. You can also go to “About this Mac,” click on the “Hardware and power” option and select the “System report.” 

Here, you will find the required information.


Hope this guide helps you understand different MacBook chargers so that you choose the right charger.

 Many companies make MacBook chargers apart from Apple. However, always pick a charger compatible with your Apple laptop and its power requirements. 

Get help from others and make an informed decision.

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