MagSafe Battery Pack: Best options to get for magnetic charging.

About MagSafe Battery Pack, As soon as you remove the charger from the phone, your battery will drain within a matter of hours, a critical problem that most people face! 

Hence, you need to have a portable charging system that you can easily carry around with you. 

But these charging packs come with wires, so they may be a hectic issue for a person to carry everywhere. 

To solve this issue, companies have come up with wireless charging solutions, which have a long way to go to reach their peak. 

In the midst of these solutions, Apple has introduced its MagSafe battery packs that are enough to charge iPhone models like 12 and beyond. 

Let’s go through some of its cool details and explore what it has in it for us. 

MagSafe Technology Explained. 

From the iPhone 8, these can charge with and without wires. 

Iphones first came with the “Qi” (chee) standard through which they can charge wirelessly. In this technology, there is a charging pad with a heating coil that resonates the energy to the coil behind the iPhone. Once you place it on the pad, it automatically starts charging. 

In this technique, however, one flaw was that you had to carefully place the device on the pad so that the coils were aligned. Otherwise, the device won’t get charged, and your time will be wasted too.

Smart Battery Pack 

Caption: Smart Battery Pack 

To eliminate the alignment problem, Apple introduced MagSafe. 

How does Magsafe for iPhones work? 

There was a magnet around the charging coil so that it could snap the device right onto it.

Now that this technique has been successful with users, Apple is selling a lot of Magsafe products, either made by them or other trusted companies. 

MagSafe products have a magnet inside them that attaches to the magnet of the phone. That way, you can charge the phone faster than before. 

MagSafe Efficiency

Qi standard may give you up to 15W of charging; however, it’s just theoretical. In reality, it is not capable of doing that since misalignment issues are there. Due to this, you can only charge up to 5W with it. 

On the other hand, MagSafe can actually provide you with 15W instant charging. It is due to the Qi2 standard certifying the Magsafe components. 

Still, it can’t beat the traditional way of wired charging. Wire charging can go up to 20W and there is no issue such as power waste or misaligned problems.

Top 4 Magsafe or Compatible Battery Packs

Magsafe is not a device but a license issued by Apple to certify the products. Below are some Magsafe-certified or compatible battery packs that work best. 

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – The smartest in town

Apple Magsafe is a convenient battery pack that caters to all your needs whether you have iPhone 12, 13, 14 or 15. It can click on the phone with the help of a magnet and charge it fully without any issue.

New and Efficient Apple Battery

Caption: New and Efficient Apple Battery

After the iPhone 15, however, Apple discontinued its production. But its older versions are still available in the market. 

Even if it’s not fully charged, it can charge your iPhone to 60 percent so that you can pass the time until a charging port is near. As compared to its counterparts, this feature makes it stand out.

Wireless charging may not be the most efficient in terms of wireless. But, it can charge the phone at 15W using wired combined with wireless charging. 

Moreover, it can also show you when to unplug the device so that the battery’s health is not compromised. 

Moreover, it stops charging the phone whenever it detects a long term connection of a phone. 

Still, it’s better to be vigilant and remove the charger once the battery is charged around 90%.

The Apple Battery bank is available in white color only. 

It may be expensive compared to other options, but it’s worth buying due to its distinctive features.

 Additionally, its smaller size makes it a handy option other than the other three.

Baseus Magnetic Power Bank – The one with the highest Capacity

With Baseus Magnetic Power Bank, you will get the highest charging capacity of all time. You can see the truth of our claim by the fact that you can charge a completely drained iPhone 15 battery twice (based on our test).

It may be a third-party alternative, still it is still Magsafe compatible, so safer to use for consumers. Also, it can charge a phone at 7.5W wirelessly and 30W speed with a USB-C cable.

The USB-C port on it can serve two purposes; one, to charge the iPhone, and two, to charge the battery pack itself. You can connect a 5.5-inch cable to the power bank for easy handling.

You can put any iPhone higher than 11 in series wirelessly and charge it. However, for wired charging of older models, you have to use a USB-C to lightning cable that can be bought separately.

If you talk about size, then it’s quite chunky, to be honest. But with the 10000W capacity that it provides, it is justified to be so huge.

As it comes with a USB-C cable, its best target is those with iPhone 15. But, the one with older models of iPhone can also buy it for their Magsafe Phones.

Smart Get-to-Go Power Banks

Caption: Smart Get-to-Go Power Banks

Benks Standgo Battery Bank – The 10k power bank with Stand

Close to the Baseus Battery pack comes the Benks Standgo which comes with its own distinctive feature, a stand. You may not feel its need until you start using it.

It is one of the largest battery banks we have seen, but the capacity it provides justifies its size. Where its counterparts can charge a fully drained iPhone to 60%, it can charge 160%.

Inside view of 10K Power Bank

Caption: Inside view of 10K Power Bank

It also has two USB-C ports that can be used for charging itself and other phones. For instance, if you want the phone charged urgently, you can attach it to the power bank at its 20W charging port. 

Additionally, there is one USB A port along with an 18W charge capacity, giving you the opportunity to charge three devices at once. This can be handy in most of the situations!

The colors in which you can get are different for different regions. While some may get black, others can only get blue or white. 

Either Way, it’s the best choice if you have more than one device at hand. Also, the kickstand makes the deal stronger. 

Casely Power Pod – The lightest of them all

If portability is your first choice, this battery pack is for you. With 5000 mAH, 19Wh battery capacity, it is surely a good package for such a small size. 

It can give your drained phone a 78% power boost, enough to get through the day. While it may not be as smart as the Apple one, it charges at a very good rate. 

Moreover, it also comes with a separate magnetic ring that can allow your phone to easily attach to the magnetic base of the battery and charge wirelessly. At this time, it’s only available in the US. 


Wireless charging may make life much easier, but it will still take time to bloom at its full potential. 

Till then, we have made sure to present you with the best options that we can find in the industry. These options are tried and tested by our competitive team of experts and curated as one-of-a-kind battery packs. For more information, you can always visit our blog.