Toy car charger: how to choose one for the long battery life

Toy cars are among kids’ favorite toys because the ride on these cars is enjoyable until the run-down or drained batteries in these cars irk children.

You need to have an AC/DC charger and some wires and cables for connection for charging.

Once charged, the toy car is again ready to have fun for the next few hours. So, how do you recharge a toy car battery?

How do you recharge the battery with a toy car charger?

  • First, you must know the battery status, whether it is charged or needs charging, and check the battery’s voltage for this with the help of a voltmeter. The battery receives power if the voltage is higher than 6V, 12V or 24V. Alternatively, if your kid has been using the car for a while and notices that it cannot hold the charge for the time that it used to do earlier, it means the battery needs a replacement.
  • Every toy car accompanies a trickle and smart chargers for different voltages. If you don’t have a smart charger, you will need one designed especially for your toy car battery. Get them from any auto stores online/offline after ensuring the charger can bear the current the battery needs.
  • Now, to start recharging your toy car, turn off the car. Look for the charging port (generally at the bottom or side of the vehicle) and insert the charger into the port. Next, plug the charger’s other end into the power outlet and press the charge button on the charger. Nowadays, chargers come with a built-in timer; thus, once the car is fully charged, the charger turns off automatically. You can also know about the charging status with the light on the charger. During charging, the light turns on and off once the charging completes.
  • In some toy cars, batteries are removable. If so, connect the positive and negative charger leads with the positive and negative terminals of the battery. You will need to use an AC or DC, depending on the type of the battery. If it is a nickel-cadmium battery, you will need an AC charger, and if it is a NiMH battery, you can use either the AC or DC power sources.
  • Disconnect the charger after the toy car is fully charged. Keep the chargers safe until further use.
Ride-on toy cars

Ride-on toy cars

When the toy car charger fails to work

Sometimes, problems occur in the toy or the charger, because of which the charging does not occur properly. You can check for a few things to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Firstly, ensure the charger is correctly plugged into the power socket and the light is turned on.
  • Secondly, you will need to check whether the battery needs a replacement. If so, you must decide wisely to get a suitable charger for your toy car battery.

Replacing the battery

  • Firstly, look for the type of battery you need, either lithium-ion or lead acid

If it is lead acid, it is cheaper and easily available but heavy and less long-lasting than lithium-ion.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries are costlier but light in weight and last very long before they need replacement.

Ensure you do not pick a battery with too much power, as it will damage the car’s battery and pose a risk to your loved ones.

  • Second, a few toy car options in different battery voltages are:

Children’s car booster 6V

These cars suit boys and girls up to 4 years of age. It comes with a 6V battery and a 15-wattage motor.

The battery easily lasts for 1-2 hours; however, it depends on the terrain, its inclination, the child’s weight, and the use of its unique functions, like music and LED lights.

Some extra fun features of this ride include an MP3 player, lights, wheel suspension, mobile-to-jack connection, and steering wheel with music horn and gears.

Don’t worry about the child’s safety; it has a seat belt and complete parental control.

Electric cars are racing 12 Volts.

It is an absolute supercar for your little one, with a 12-volt battery for up to 1.5 hours after a full charge. Its exclusive design reflects the elegant design of some real luxury brand cars.

The splendid electric car model is perfect for children (boys and girls) up to 8 years of age. You will be awestruck at its scissor-style doors, which open upwards.

Some luxury features of the car include a sporty steering wheel with sounds and horns, LED headlights, a rocking function, 4-wheel suspension and an in-dash battery meter.

The seat belt is a 5-point harness type with full parent control with the remote.

24 Volts cars for boys and girls

This cross-country model has two powerful motors of 55 watts each and 24 Volts battery.

The car can accommodate two young children (each of 4-5 years old) or a single older child up to 10 years old.

This robust car can run up to 1-1.5 hours after one full charge.

Some unique features include LED headlights, real start sounds, door openers, leather-finished seats, EVA rubber wheels with the anti-puncture feature, mobile-to-jack connection, an MP3 player with SD/USB and a particle trunk.

How to choose a toy car charger?

It would be best to consider a few things before selecting a toy car charger.

Choose from the different toy car charger types:

The toy car comes with different batteries, and the charger should be compatible with the correct battery type; otherwise, there will be issues in charging.

To pick the correct charger, you also must check the amperage and the voltage reading on the charger to match it with the toy car battery.

As described above, toy cars come with different special features, including rearview mirrors, suspension and resistant wheels; all these features require batteries with different volts (6,12 and 24 volts) to fulfill their requirements.

And all these batteries last variably 1-1.5 hours, depending on the use of the car and its extra features, the child’s weight and other similar variables. 

Also, you must know that these toy cars have limits on their voltage and current while charging. So, using a 24 volts charger with a 12-volt battery can damage the battery.

Consider how long a charger takes to charge the battery

Some chargers can fully charge the battery in less time, while others take hours. Get a fast charger if you want your child to return to playing quickly.

However, you must also know that the charging time depends on the type of charger and the battery voltage.

Time to charge a 6V battery

A 6V battery will take around 8 hours to charge fully during the initial charge.

After the first run down, the battery will take only 6 hours to charge fully. However, a standard charger may take longer than a fast charger.

Time to charge a 12 V battery

A 12-volt battery means it has medium capacity compared to 6V and 24V.

This battery takes around 8 hours to charge fully on its first charger. After the first draining, charging it fully will take around 6 hours.

Use a fast charger for quick charging, as a standard charger may take longer.

Time to charge a 24 V battery

Mostly, these high-volt batteries come in electric cars and may take around 6 hours to charge fully. However, during the first charge, it may take a few extra hours, like 8-9 hours, for a full charge.

Similar to others, a standard charger will also take more to charge in this case.

Wherever time it takes, ensure that you do not leave the battery on charging overnight, as overcharging can damage the battery.

Please do not charge the battery for more than 24 hours, as it will gradually affect its efficiency and may result in complete failure.

Also, remember that removing the battery before the full charge can affect the battery’s performance over time.

Consider the features you want in a charger:

Chargers come with different features like built-in lights or other indicators to inform about the charging status.

Some other chargers have a basic design with LED lights to notify you when the charging completes.

Also, don’t forget to compare the prices of chargers from different brands but with similar features. Make a wise decision.


Whether it’s a 6V, 12 V or 24V battery, toy cars always give fun moments to your little ones. However, you can make their moments more memorable with the proper and high-quality charger and batteries.

If you need any help regarding toy car charger cables, contact Cloom, as we deal in all sorts of cable assemblies and wiring harnesses to suit the varied needs of our customers.