Vape Pen Charger: The Ultimate Guide

About Vape Pen Charger, You finally switched to sleek and cool vape pens.

However, you’re not quite sure how to charge the device.

Although the kit has a vape pen charger, there are several ways to charge your device.

This article will discuss the various aspects of charging a vape pen.

Common Types of Pen Battery Chargers

Below are the various types of pen battery chargers.

USB Port

Vape pens with a USB port can be charged by plugging a cable into the battery.

You can charge the battery by connecting the cable to an external USB charger, laptop, or desktop. 

Vape pen charging via laptop

Caption: Vape pen charging via laptop

Also, if your vape pen has a lithium-ion battery, you’ll need a micro USB port or USB Type-C to charge the device.

Charging an Integrated Battery

Follow the steps below to charge an integrated battery.

See if your pen has an integrated or removable battery

You can check your user’s manual to determine if your pen has an integrated battery.

Integrated batteries typically resemble elongated tubes attached to the cartridge, whereas detachable batteries are housed inside the pen’s casing.

The battery may have some print or color to help you distinguish it from the cartridge.

Set up the pen to its charger using its specific USB cable

Plug the AC adapter into an outlet and attach one end of the USB to the AC adapter and the other to the port in your vape pen.

With some pens, you might have to unscrew the battery from the cartridge to access the charging port.

Below are the various ways to charge a vape pen without an AC adapter.

Use a Phone 

If you find your dab pen charger missing, you could try connecting the dab pen power cable to the micro USB port on your phone.

This will be a very efficient method because your phone is readily available.

Use a Portable Power Bank

Portable power banks were a game changer for people who spend most of their time on the go.

With the right cable, you can connect your pen to the bank and give it time to fully charge.

Plug into a Laptop or Desktop

Laptops, desktops, and even gaming consoles have USB ports; therefore, you can recharge your pen as long as you have the dab pen charging cable.

It’s important to note that if you plug the pen into a laptop, it will drain the laptop’s battery quicker.

Give the battery time to charge completely.

Charging in different pens may vary between 1 – 4 hours.

With most pens, the green LED light indicates your device is fully charged.

However, the LED light indicates the battery is fully charged with some pens.

Once the device is fully charged, reattach the battery to enjoy your device.

Wait for the red  LED light to indicate you need to recharge your battery

Once your pen’s battery is low, a red light will begin to flash, indicating your device needs to recharge.

If you keep using your pen when the battery is low, it might cause a short.

Also, if your pen drains its battery a bit quicker lately, it’s a sign you might need to replace it.

The DIY Disposable Method

Despite a disposable vape pen lacking a USB port or power, you could still charge it.

You’ll need scissors, tweezers, and an old USB charger.

Follow the steps below to accomplish the task.

  • Using the scissors, pry open the bottom end of your pen.
  • Eject the battery and determine the wire placement around the battery. Taking a picture for the record is advisable to help you avoid making any mistakes while attaching the battery back. 
  • Take off the tape around the wires.
  • Using the tweezers, connect the red and black wire of the old USB charger to the pointed ends of the vape’s battery.
  • Ensure you match the negative and positive terminals, respectively.
  • Stick back the tape on the wires to ensure they’re steady as the device is charging.
  • After roughly an hour, put back the battery.

AC Adapter

Although AC adapter chargers have slowly become no longer in use, some vape pens could still use it.

You’ll need to plug your vape pen into the wall using an AC adapter, which normally connects to the back of your pen.

However, this may vary by the type of vape pen you have.

If you own a box vape, check the bottom of the vape for the AC adapter port.

It is often next to the battery level indicator light.

Battery Replacement 

Some vape pens use replaceable batteries like those of Duracell.

Therefore, all you need to do to charge your vape fully is replace the current batteries with new ones.

Most vapes use a battery size of 18650, which is slightly smaller than a AA battery.

You might need to order the batteries from a specific store, so ensure they work before buying an entire batch.

However, you could also recharge the batteries by placing them in an external battery charger. 

Replacing Removable Batteries

Below are the steps to follow to replace removable batteries.

Open the casing of your pen to access the batteries

If your pen uses detachable batteries, you must remove them to charge them.

Check the bottom of the vape pen for a cover encasing the batteries.

Once you find the batteries, carefully remove them.

Put your batteries in an external battery charger.

Plug your charger into a socket and arrange the batteries in the allocated slots according to the specified pole positions.

As they sit securely, you should hear a slight click.

Ensure you’re using a charger that’s compatible with the batteries to avoid damaging the batteries.

Charge the batteries for a minimum of three hours

Most vape batteries take a minimum of three hours to charge fully.

However, charging time may vary according to your device’s age, brand, and battery capacity.

The best option is to watch your vape pen as it charges.

Once at full capacity, remove the batteries from the charger

Newer models come with LCD screens that indicate the charge time, battery, and charge percentage.

However, with most devices, the LED light turns to green once the battery is at full capacity, 

Put the batteries back into the pen

Open the casing at the bottom of the pan and put back the batteries.

Ensure the batteries are correctly oriented; otherwise, your pen might not work.

Check on the charge level periodically.

If you’re unsure if your battery needs recharging, you can place them in your charger to check their charge capacity.

From there, you will decide whether to charge or keep using them.

Replace the batteries once their performance seems to begin suffering

Most vape batteries are designed to last 1 – 2 years or roughly 300 – 500 cycles.

If you notice your battery is taking too long to charge (over four hours), it’s a sign you need to replace your batteries.

Vape Pen Charger: Wall Mount

Although rare, some vape pens have a unique screw-in wall charger that needs a special one.

All you need to do is twist the vape’s power charging threads into the wall mount plug.

Often vape pens with this special ability will have the wall mount charger in the kit.

Therefore, if your vape pen comes without any wall mount charger, you can’t use this method to charge your device. 

Dos and Don’ts For Charging Your Vape Battery Safely

Below are the various dos and don’ts for charging your vape battery safely.


  1. Use the USB cable supplied – the USB cable provided has been tested and certified to meet the necessary safety measures. Using a different cable risks your battery overheating or getting damaged.
  2. Charge the battery from the USB port on your desktop or laptop – vape pens require a small amount of power over time to charge the battery. Your laptop’s power is the perfect amount to charge your battery safely.
  3. Keep an eye on the battery while it’s charging – All vape pens have LED lights that indicate the power levels on your pen, whether the power is low or fully charged. Once the LED light indicates the battery is fully charged, it’s best to unplug immediately to avoid risking the battery’s health.


  1. Never use a phone charger – Although most vape pens have the standard micro USB port similar to that of phones, it’s best to avoid using your phone charger to charge your pen’s battery because a phone charger has more power than the pen needs, which risks damaging the battery.
  2. Never plug your pen’s battery into the mains – A main socket delivers high power levels rapidly while your battery only needs a little. Therefore, plugging in your battery to a main switch will most likely overcharge it causing damage.
  3. Avoid leaving the battery plugged in overnight or unattended – Leaving the battery to charge for long hours will overcharge it, and likely overheat, causing a great toll on the battery’s health.

Can You Charge a Disposable Vape?

Several people mistakenly believe that you can recharge disposable pens, but sadly this isn’t possible.

Disposable vapes are designed to run until the battery dies or the e-liquid runs out.

Therefore, if the battery on your disposable vape dies, you’ll have to get a new one.


There you have it; all you need to know about vape pen chargers.

Now can take the necessary course of action in charging your pen to keep enjoying.

In case you encounter any issues, feel free to contact Cloom Tech.