Xbox Controller Charger: 3 Different Ways You Can Charge Your Xbox Controller

If you game on your Xbox controller charger, you can agree that your controller running out of power in the middle of a game is annoying.

Thankful, there are various ways you can charge your Xbox controller to avoid those unwanted pauses. All you need is an Xbox controller charger. Read on to learn the various methods to charge your Xbox controller.

What Kind of Charger Does the Xbox Controller Use?

The latest Xbox Series S controllers, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One don’t feature a rechargeable battery pack.

Instead, it comes with 2 AA batteries that run out of power sooner or later. Also, the Xbox Series S/X controllers don’t feature a USB port. 

If your controller’s battery dies, you can still plug in your controller and use it while it’s wired to the console.

However, this doesn’t charge the controller, and you have to purchase an additional product to charge your controller.

A USB-C Cable

A USB-C Cable

How to Charge Your Controller Up Repeatedly

If you’re looking for a future-proof solution to repeatedly charge your Xbox controller, you can get a controller charging station, rechargeable AA batteries, or a battery pack.

Either of the above options will fully cover your controller charging needs.

How to Use a Rechargeable Battery Pack

  1. Check your Xbox manual for health and safety instructions regarding using a wireless controller with batteries.
  2. Open your controller’s battery compartment.
  3. Insert your rechargeable battery pack. Ensure to start with the connection side, aligning it with the compartment’s connection points. The battery can only be inserted in that direction.
  4. Put back the battery compartment.
  5. Connect a charging cable to your controller’s USB port. (Remember that the latest Xbox wireless controllers use a USB-C charging cable and Xbox rechargeable battery.)
  6. Connect the opposite end of the charging cable to your Xbox USB port.
  7. If your console is off, proceed to turn it on.

Notes on Using Rechargeable Battery Pack

If the light on your cable glows orange, it means that the controller is charging. When the light is white, it means the controller is fully charged.

You can still use your controller even as the batteries are charging. The controller transmits signals via the cable until you unplug it.

Furthermore, even after your controller is fully charged, you can keep it connected to use your controller without draining any power. Also, doing so doesn’t damage the batteries.

Also, you can charge your controller by plugging it into any USB power source. Plus, you can use different certified USB cables; however, the charging time will vary.

Further, you could wonder if you can use your phone charger to charge your controller. This is possible but under certain conditions. If your phone’s charging cable is USB-C, you’ll have to get a rechargeable battery pack that uses USB-C. 

A lithium battery pack

A lithium battery pack

Troubleshooting on Using Rechargeable Battery Pack

If your controller doesn’t charge after you connect the charging cable to the USB port on your console, it could be that the batteries are worn out.

How long your batteries last depends on how often they are recharged. However, before you go straight to replacing it, try the following tests.

Test your Cable

  • Ensure you’ve properly connected the cable at both ends.
  • Try using another cable. Sometimes, your cable could have a short, or it could be susceptible to interference.

Clean the Battery Contacts

Remove your battery and clean the contacts using a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol or a dry cloth. Ensure not to use water or any chemicals that could damage the contacts.

Test your Wireless Controller

  • Put in AA batteries and test your controller.
  • Try using a different Xbox battery pack.

If your controller functions with AA batteries or a different battery pack, your controller isn’t the problem.

How to Use Rechargeable AA Batteries

Xbox kept it simple by allowing users to use traditional batteries, and a good idea would be to get rechargeable ones.

Some find this the better option over getting a rechargeable battery pack because you can use the AA batteries for other things, not only your controller.

Professionals recommend getting one that can charge 4 AA batteries at once. Keep spare batteries in your charger so that when the ones you’re currently using run out, you can just replace them with the spare.

This step ensures you always have a set of fully charged batteries; therefore, if your controller runs out of power, you don’t have to pause the game to wait for your batteries to charge.

Battery Charger

Battery Charger

How to Use a Controller Charging Station

You’ll be happy that the Xbox Series X allows you to use a charging station to charge your controller. However, always remember to check the manual for important information.

Why Use a Charging Station For Xbox Controllers?

  • Convenience: a charging station allows you to use your controller while charging, eliminating the need to pause your game just to charge your pad.
  • Cost Saving: with a charging station, you can charge your controller instead of buying disposable batteries whenever yours runs out.

How to Use a Charging Station For Xbox Controllers?

First, ensure you have the following items.

  • An Xbox charging station
  • USB cable
  • Xbox controller

After you have the necessary equipment, you can learn how to use your charging station to charge your controller.

  1. Plug your charging station into an outlet. You’ll need an AC adapter for your charging station to function. Ensure you connect the charging station to an outlet that’s easy to reach and close to your console. 
  2. Then, place your controller on the charging station. It normally has 2 – 4 slots, allowing you to charge multiple controllers simultaneously. 
  3. Afterward, your charging station has LED lights that will glow to indicate that the controller is charging. Also, once your controller is fully charged, the LED lights will change. If you’re unsure what light indicates charging and full charge, check your user’s manual.

Once your controller is fully charged, it’s a good idea to unplug your charging station in order to protect your battery’s life and conserve energy.

A charging station

A charging station


There you have it, all the various methods you can use to charge your Xbox controller.

Regardless of which method you decide to go with, you will definitely be saving money on the cost of buying disposable batteries.

For all your Xbox controller charger needs, feel free to contact Cloom Tech