Xbox rechargeable batteries: Why you should choose them

About Xbox rechargeable batteries, There have been a lot of styles, performance levels, and customizations in Xbox controllers since the introduction of the original one. However, one thing that remains consistent is using the battery to run the controller.

People have been exploring different options, including rechargeable ones, to reduce the overall cost incurred in keeping the battery charged.

Here, we discuss Xbox rechargeable batteries and how to charge and use them to extend the life of your wireless Xbox controller.

Batteries in your Xbox wireless controller:

You can use two types of batteries in the Xbox wireless controller. One is an AA battery (LR6), and the other is a rechargeable battery pack with a Play and Charge kit.

Rechargeable battery pack in a kit:

Usually, this kit has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a USB-to micro USB cable (9-foot) to charge the battery. Through that, you can recharge the battery in the controller.

  • Open the battery compartment door of the wireless controller.
  • Insert the battery into the compartment, keeping connection points facing downwards. Ensure that points align with the compartment.
  • Close the battery compartment door.
  • At the controller’s front, you will find a USB port. Connect the charger cable to that port.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the Xbox’s console USB port.
  • Turn the console On after connecting it to the controller to charge the battery.
  • The orange light on the charging cable indicates the battery is being charged. Once the battery becomes fully charged, the light turns white.

When you charge your battery through the Xbox One Console, a long-lasting battery will take 4 hours to charge fully. 

Apart from the Xbox console, you can charge your battery through any USB power source and use any certified cable. However, in such cases, the charging time may vary.

If you want, you can use the controller while the battery is charging. In this case, the controller will send all signals through cable.

 Once the battery becomes full, keep the charging cable connected so that you do not drain your battery power.

Nowadays, Xbox wireless controllers have an Xbox rechargeable battery and a USB-C cable.

 In this case, you can also use the Play and Charge Kit, but here, you must use a USB-C cable instead of the cable within the kit.

AA batteries: 

You can use AA batteries instead of the “Play and Charge” kit. However, make sure that you always use “LR6” designated batteries only. You can install these batteries in the compartment keeping positive and negative ends as marked.

  • Hold the compartment in your hand in an upside-down position.
  • Press the battery compartment door on the arrow mark.
  • Move the door towards the arrow points.
  • Insert the battery in the compartment in the orientation indicated in the compartment.
A lithium battery pack

A lithium battery pack

Why do you pick Xbox rechargeable batteries?

The series X controller of Xbox is versatile and intuitive. 

However, like controllers of Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it also uses disposable AA batteries, which are wasteful and expensive as the consumer has to bear the cost of replacing the batteries again and again. 

Thus, it is advisable to use rechargeable AA batteries (LR6). The working of the AA batteries is the same as that of rechargeable batteries in the wireless controller. 

However, you cannot charge these batteries in the controller and must use the manufacturer’s recommended method.

In addition,  it is a better option than getting a rechargeable battery pack because you can use the AA batteries for other things, not only your controller.

AA batteries

AA batteries

How do you charge Xbox rechargeable batteries?

The most common rechargeable batteries are Nickel metal hydride (NiMH), Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Nickel-cadmium (NiCd), and lead acid. 

These batteries are sustainable options used in place of regular disposable batteries in appliances and other consumer electronics.

 You can recharge these batteries through a battery charger.

Most consumer products like power tools use Nickel-Metal hydride batteries, while electronics use Lithium-ion batteries. Here are the steps to charge these rechargeable batteries:

Get a suitable charger according to the batteries you need to charge.

You can charge a rechargeable battery through an A/C adapter by plugging it into a home outlet. 

These chargers come with terminals of different sizes, ranging from AAA to D. 

Based on the battery you need to charge, you can get an appropriate charger from an electronics or hardware shop.

A few chargers also have adaptable terminal sizes to charge AA and AAA batteries on the same terminal. This type of charger is ideal when you have different-sized batteries.

Some chargers show rapid charging, which is helpful when you need to charge your batteries quickly.

 However, these chargers do not have any charge-control system, and thus, you cannot slow or stop the voltage flow in them. 

Further, charging a battery through rapid chargers can reduce the battery life over time.

Use only the appropriate battery for the charger:

Never try to recharge a single-use battery, as it may corrode or damage your charger. Always charge a battery that is labeled as “rechargeable.”

Before recharging a rechargeable battery, ensure it is completely drained with a battery tester to check if it is completely drained. 

These battery testers are inexpensive devices that give you instant reading. When you do this, you will decrease the “memory effect” process in a battery. 

However, ensure that the battery is not dead, as a battery charger won’t charge a dead battery. 

Plug the chargers to a power source:

Plug the battery into an outlet. As soon as you do this, a power indicator light will turn ON.

 In some chargers, there is a flipping switch, and turning it ON turns on the power light. 

When the power indicator light turns on, you are ready to charge the battery.

It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions written in the manual regarding the charger uses. An instruction manual gives you information regarding indicator lights, charging time, and safety points to remember.

Always put the battery in the charger in the correct configuration, which means making contact with the positive battery end to the charger’s positive end and the same with the negative end. 

Mostly, you will find a diagram showing the battery orientation when you insert the battery.

 The general rule is to put the battery’s flat side to the spring and the bumpy side of the battery to the flat side.

Don’t remove the battery until it is fully charged.

Don’t unplug the charger during the process, or it may affect your battery life.

 Generally, the power indicator light on the charger turns green to red and vice versa when the battery is full.

Unplug the charger once the charging is complete, as a full charge can significantly reduce the life of the battery. This mostly happens in rapid chargers.

You can also follow the trickle charge method if you want to keep your battery charged. In this charging, you lower the charge up to 10% of the battery capacity. 

As a result, it will maintain full charge in the battery without causing any discharge.

Mostly, manufacturers do not suggest trickle charging for a long time. However, drop the charging rate to a lower rate in chargers.

Pay attention to the battery level of the controller:

In any Xbox console, you can see the battery indicator in the upper-right corner. Go to the “Profile and System” if it is not there. 

Click on Settings and then select “Device and Connections” > Accessories. Select the controller that you use. 

Select More options. You will see the battery indicator above the controller picture.

Suppose you are using more than one controller. You may see the battery indicator of only that controller where you touched the Xbox button.

Whether you use rechargeable batteries (including those with Xbox Play and Charge kit) or alkaline batteries, the battery indicator quickly indicates the battery life status. 

The indicator will turn red if the battery is low or needs replacement or recharging.

When you charge the Xbox battery, the indicator shows that the battery is charging inside the controller.

If you plug the controller into a console via a USB cable, the battery indicator will show you a plug on the battery.

Put the battery in the correct configuration

Put the battery in the correct configuration


If you charge your battery with the correct charger at the right time and for the appropriate duration, you can extend the life of your battery. Always use high-quality cables for charging as they give optimum performance.

For any help regarding charging cables, contact Cloom, who provides you with a wide range of options to choose from.